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From Rhonda’s Desk

Buyer - Be Aware!

It happens too often, consumers buy used vehicles without benefit of pre-purchase research.

She bought an aging Subaru from a friend who gave her a “good deal,” only to discover, within a week, the clutch on this vehicle totally failed. This good deal now needed $1800 in clutch repairs and $1500 for long overdue maintenance, well beyond the practical value of the car. 

He bought a pre-owned Honda, only 5 years old, and from all outward appearances, it was a deal too good to be true. Brought to Evert Automotive after purchase from a private party, this vehicle’s frame had been badly damaged in an undisclosed collision and was pieced and welded together into a very dangerous mess. The buyer had not fully understood the possible ramifications of the “salvage” title. 

I get it! I cannot judge it! I’ve done it! In a hurry to solve a transportation issue; anxious for the freedom promised by a first car purchase; fearful an auto shop may try to manipulate us into repairs we are not prepared for - we allow our emotions to substitute for a thorough due diligence.  But unless we are buying a new car, this impulse purchase can leave us vulnerable to some version of the true stories I’ve recounted above. 

We love performing “pre-purchase” vehicle inspections. This hour-long, multi-point test drive and inspection yields tons of information! What is its’ general condition? Is it current on maintenance? Are there upcoming needs to consider? Timing belt status - a biggie! And, what can be expected from a particular model? 

Now, we can’t predict every future outcome, and we will never tell you what to do regarding your vehicle, but a technicians’ trained eye will give you information to allow you to make a purchase that is right for you, and reduce the chance you are buying someone else’s problem! Our own Andrew tells us his mom made him bring a potential purchase to Evert Automotive years ago - long before we knew him! You’ll have to ask Andrew how that turned out! 


So, before that next used car purchase, here are a few suggestions from the experts:

1) Have a chat with your automotive shop regarding what to look for, what questions to ask of a seller, what vehicles tend to have longer integrity, and, which vehicles may have or may develop pattern problems you’ll want to steer around, so to speak! We know a lot about cars and trucks!

2)  Ask to see maintenance records - and/or consider purchasing a CarFax report.        Maintenance records, or lack thereof, can disclose some important information. 


3)  Invest in a pre-purchase inspection. This very thorough inspection is also very useful     before selling a used vehicle, and when an existing vehicle’s maintenance is in question.



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